Oil is oil…or is it? How one beard oil can be better.

If you’re a bearded man then you already know that the choices of beard oils and beard balms are nearly limitless. You probably also know that there’s a common group of oils associated with all of these products. So how can one oil or balm actually be better?
These oils are comprised of certain fatty acids and vitamins that have beneficial properties when applied to our skin and/or hair. The properties of these oils include antioxidants that help to protect and repair the hair and skin from environmental damage. The vitamins, mainly A, C, and E, are unstable and can easily have their potency diminished through refining and poor product production. To make up for the lower quality raw products many brands will add vitamins into their balm or oil. The problem with adding vitamins is that it’s essential for vitamins to be in certain concentrations and proper forms to remain stable and effectively act. It is best to rely on the natural molecular make up of these oils for best results. To expand on what I mean let’s dive further.
You have probably seen the term antioxidant thrown around quite a bit while reading on the benefits of certain beard products. The term antioxidant isn’t a substance but rather an action. So vitamins C and E can act as antioxidants but their mere inclusion doesn’t mean they do. A quality beard balm or oil is going to result in benefitting your hair as well as your skin with consistent use if it is properly nourishing your beard as our hair and skin go hand in hand. Remember that a healthy beard is a good looking beard.
Look for products that use unrefined and organic oils. Coconut oil is one exception that can be gently refined under medium heat to create a neutral scent while remaining organic; even though this gentle process does degrade the vitamin content, the healthy fatty acid make up remains so it will still be in solid form at room temperature. Highly refined oils lose their bio active or vitamin content and are exposed to harsh chemicals that remain in trace amounts. This can lead to a product that not only provides zero health benefit for your beard but causes irritation to the skin. When making the beard balm or oil, the ingredients should be carefully handled as not to degrade the beneficial properties of raw products. Temperature and contamination control are essential in producing a high quality product. Essential oils should be 100% pure therapeutic grade oils and conservatively used as essential oils are highly concentrated and can cause skin irritation on their own.

So as similar as these products may seem there are differences that can not only lead to a product with zero beneficial properties but can yield a product that causes skin irritation although the ingredient labels read the same. You can always depend on TYJ America Beard & Skin to provide the highest quality all natural beard balm. Made from organic carrier oils and 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. It’s good for your skin because it’s good for your beard.

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