Itching to shave: stop that annoying beard itch

If you have the dry beard itch then you already know the more you scratch the worse the itch becomes. But you’re not the only one feeling the discomfort, a dry beard will irritate the skin of any ladies in your life as well. Going in for a kiss and getting shoved away is a sure sign that she doesn’t like either you or the beard. If it’s you, well you need to just lick your wounds and leave. But if it’s the dry beard then there are some changes you need to make in maintaining that man mane.

  • Keeping those wild hairs at bay with proper grooming will prevent those odd face pricks and have that beard in pick up mode. If you’re going to sport the beard then there’s no getting around it, you’re going to need to trim that thing. You see, all the hairs on our body don’t grow at the same rate or in the same direction. Much like our front yard, the taller weeds give a patchy appearance so keep it even.
  • Learn the lines and fade that best compliment the shape of your face. There are plenty of resources on the web to help you master this technique but a great place to start is with your hair stylist.
  • Beard oil and beard balm consist of oils that help hair retain moisture. These oils are also great sources of vitamins and antioxidants that nourish and protect. The result is a softer beard less prone to irritate you or others. You can purchase TYJ Beard & Skin Balm here: tyjAmerica

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