The $20 Devotion 

I remember several years back my wife and I stopped by the store so I could get a hotdog and drink real quick. It came to $3 or something close and I gave the cashier a 5 dollar bill. Once I got back to the car I noticed the lady working the register had given me a 20 dollar bill back as change so I told my wife I needed to go back in to correct this and she looked at me and asked why. Now part of her asking me why was partly due to the way I talked and acted. I told her it wasn’t right for me to keep it and that’s pretty much the only thought or reason I had. Looking back on it now after bettering my relationship with God I could give a much more detailed reply but back then although I have always believed in God my life most certainly didn’t consist of living for God. Many times we want to look for a specific action in the Bible as a sin or not. If receiving too much change back from the cashier for my hotdog and drink isn’t listed then I’m good right? But I’ve learned through improving my relationship with God that the Bible isn’t just a book on how I shouldn’t live but Gods word on how I should live. Back at that store I did the right thing but I didn’t understand why it was the right thing.
“Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.” Romans 13:8 KJV‬
This is the entirety of our faith. It’s about always thinking of others no matter their faults or sin. Love one another as Jesus did for an entire sinful world. A more accurate reply back at that store would have been something like: I don’t know that lady, she could be working two jobs to make ends meet and support her family. If that register comes up short it will come out of her pocket. She could be one dollar short for rent or a child’s dinner. This isn’t my money so I’m giving it back.
We have a tendency to not always think of others and act out of impulse. This fulfillment of the law in Romans applies in many ways. I won’t accept or condone sinful nature because I desire everyone to receive the loving grace of salvation. It may make some people angry that I don’t support what they want but I want them to see salvation and I won’t sell mine. I won’t turn my back on the God that took to the cross and gave his life for mine. Love isn’t always butterflies and unicorns, its honesty even when that truth hurts because we care. I won’t applaud your sin but I won’t applaud mine either.

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