Seeds of Change

I remember as a child having surgery to remove my adenoids because they were swollen. After surgery I guess I had to be moved to another bed or something but I was still under the effects of being under so I couldn’t move on my own and I just remember barely being able to open my eyes and this young black man picking me up and carrying me to my new bed. This wasn’t a big deal or a traumatic event that would affect me for life but it’s the only memory I have of that day for some reason. A seed was planted that day, the color of skin didn’t matter. I reached my arms out in need of help and he reached down to pick me up and carry me. A seed of humanity was planted in me that day because I saw firsthand that race didn’t matter.

All over social media today is the argument for gun control or stricter gun laws due to a horrific event that before occurring saw many processes in regards to current laws not carried out. A simple mistake that if not made could have saved 20 lives. Laws and regulations can only do so much because they have limitations, they’re vulnerable and depend on human actions. They’re also only needed because of human actions and human actions are independent of any law or regulation. Hate can’t be legislated away. But as a people, what seeds are we planting. In as little as a couple of seconds we can leave a lasting impression with our words or actions. An unattended impression that can alter a decision years later. I can’t help but worry about the future lives of our children when we would rather change laws than change the way we speak to or treat others. What good are laws when the seeds we’re planting can’t be legislated?

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